Secret Santa

Christmas is once again nearly upon us.

In offices across the country lots will be being drawn for Secret Santa, and you’ll be hoping that you don’t get the boss to buy a present for.

This year we’ve managed to avoid the challenges associated with taking 20 kg’s of parsnips in a paper bag, or a 6 foot piece of 4 by 2 back on the Underground and train (2 of the best Secret Santa’s I’ve seen), by deciding that helping those in need would  be a more suitable endeavour.

All employees at Becketts are providing a gift to West Berkshire Foodbank in Newbury to make Christmas a happier time for those less fortunate – our stores department is currently deep in coffee, Christmas puds, chocolate and other tasty delights. This was a decision suggested by one of our finance team in our daily wellbeing meeting, and voted on unanimously immediately.

To find out more about West Berkshire Foodbank please visit or to find out about foodbanks in your area visit

From all at Becketts have a fantastic Christmas and we look forward to speaking to you all in 2023.