Do you need a Single Point of Contact for your Business?

Here’s a question – Do you want a single point of contact for your business?

If your answer is YES – then what can Beckett Telecom do to help you to achieve this?

We will add calls and lines, broadband and a range of innovative applications to give you a bespoke solution for your phone system.

What does ‘Unified Communications’ mean?

Unified Communications allows communication from any device through a range of applications using presence, so you never miss a call.

What is a ‘Future proof’ phone system?

In short, this is a scalable and future proof system is designed to suit current, and future requirements of businesses with 2 to 2,000 fixed and mobile users, across single and multi-sites. IP & multimedia capabilities including video conferencing ensure your business is always at the cutting-edge.

What do we mean by a ‘flexible phone system’?

With a smart and flexible phone system, we can connect multiple offices with remote and mobile users, and enable intelligent call routing & voicemail out-of-the-box.

Reliable Support

We offer a range of support options, designed to suit you.

If you want to know more – make contact with us here at Beckett Telecom, where we have Telecoms experts to cater for your bespoke requirements.

Call us today for some useful advice on 0118 940 9000.