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SIP – How can it benefit you?

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) has existed as a way of handling calls for some time in the UK, but it is just now starting to pick up pace and replace the more common ISDN connections.

Basically, SIP is a way of carrying phone calls in and out of your office using your internet connection and this can make all the difference to your business….


  • Flexibility and resiliency. You call the shots when it comes to routing calls in and out of your business. This has the added benefit of making SIP very resilient, which is perfect for any disaster recovery plan.
  • Mobility  SIP isn’t tied to any particular location, so if you move, your numbers can move with you.
  • Cost reduction  line rental for SIP lines (trunks) is much lower than that of a traditional phone line.
  • Scalability  SIP trunks can be turned on and off, giving you greater control over how many calls your business can answer. Which is great during peak seasons.

Beckett Telecom have plenty of experience in the replacement of existing connections systems with better and more effective SIP systems.

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