Looking at moving to Teams but wondering whether your existing SIP Phones will work, or whether you’ll need to pay for some new devices?  Previously you’ll have needed to either buy a new handset such as Yealink T54 or T58.  These are fantastic phones, but at a cost of around £200 each, they can be quite expensive in numbers.

WIth the new updates Microsoft have made to their SIP Gateway solution, you can now connect a growing number of legacy SIP handsets, and new ones such as the Yealink T31.  At a price of around £50 each these offer a great experience at a brilliant price.

We’ve recently rolled out around 1,000 of these within an education setting, providing a great solution for classrooms, hallways and kitchens, and allowing back office and Staff to retain all the features of Teams on their mobile and softphones.

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