One of the most common questions we get asked is how to provide cost effective Teams Handsets and Devices. It’s worth remembering that with Teams we are finding actual requirements for physical devices are a lot lower than with traditional systems (for example a customer of ours has replaced around 4,000 physical handsets with just 70 Teams Enabled Devices), however there are still occasions where a physical device is required.

The Yealink range of Teams Certified Devices such as the MP54, MP56 and MP58 really are fantastic, but come at a cost, a fair bit more cost than more standard SIP Devices. To find an answer we have been busy testing alternatives for more basic use and or in high traffic locations where a lower function and cost phone is needed.

Microsoft have just released some enhancements to the SIP Gateway product which now means that setting up and managing basic select handsets with Teams is now more straightforward and more cost effective.

If you’re looking for a streamlined and hassle-free approach to communication, utilizing a Yealink T31 SIP phone with Teams is an excellent choice, and setting up with the new SIP Gateway requires only a few taps to configure.

  1. Choose SIP Gateway
  2. Assign Codec
  3. Enter Your USerName and Password
  4. Enter Your SIP Provider Details

Now that your Yealink T31 SIP phone is configured, you can start making and receiving calls through Teams. To make a call, simply use the phone’s dial pad and enter the phone number you want to dial. To receive a call, the incoming call will appear on your Yealink phone’s screen and you can answer it by pressing the “Answer” button.

Overall a Yealink T31 makes a great addition to any Teams setup, providing high-quality voice communication and streamlined call management at a very competitive cost.

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