Beckett Telecom telecoms network

Everyone wants to sell SIP trunks,  make sure you are dealing with real experts before signing on the dotted line!

5 – Key points to consider:

  • Are you still making and receiving a few Fax calls? This older technology has never worked well with SIP so we provide a special service called T38 to help out. If there are still problems then we can re-route fax calls. We can also provide incoming fax to email conversion from a cloud PSTN number if that helps
  • Are still you supporting any legacy dial-up modem traffic, e.g. 56 Kbps? Ouch, please stop – or if this is not an option we can still try and re-route this to a non-SIP line. High speed data services at low cost remove the rationale for dial-up modems.

  • Multiple sites? When we provide SIP Trunk capability at multiple site by providing a Fibre service at each one, our clients also get a private network between them due to the technology we use. This in itself can provide a good return on investment.
  • Site Resilience, this is extremely important. What happens if the IP connection fails, but in short we have it covered. Inbound calls can load share towards two different destinations or a second site can be tried if the first site does not respond. If an outbound call setup attempt does not work to the main SIP Trunk server, then a standby server takes over.
  • Toll fraud is an increased risk over SIP. So when it comes to your International calls, we provide all the destinations that you need while protecting against fraudulent use on all calls. We are notified if any daily and weekly spend limits are breached and can tailor spend limits to suit you.

If you want to talk to us about precision planning your SIP implementation, then call us on 0118 9409000. Ask for Rod May or Graham Beckett.