Happy new year

New Year Survivor Awards

If you follow us, work with us or are a customer then you should have received one of our Beckett Telecom e- Christmas cards, enthusiastically showing the 12 days of Christmas. Such was the length of the card (there are 12 verses after all), we offered a reward to anyone once they reached the very end and entered their details.

To our considerable surprise, a significant number of recipients did. So substantial was the success in fact, that we have had to go back to our suppliers and have many more rewards created than we expected. Said rewards have arrived this morning and those who have missed out so far will be rewarded in the post in the next few days.

This shows us three things.

There are more people who like a chuckle in the Telecoms industry than even we imagined.

  1. We have a significant base of loyal customers who trust our advice and can benefit from it.
  2. In order to deliver on our commitments we need to be able to adapt, be willing to change, to find solutions even in the small things.

We also think it proves three things about us.

Work is challenging but there is no reason why it can’t be a positive experience and it can be fun.

  1. It’s worth engaging with us, the benefits make the time investment worthwhile.
  2. It’s a silly example, but when we commit to something we will deliver.

We cover all aspects of Telecoms from PBX Supply and Support to Data and Connectivity: from Consultancy and advice to Hosted Voice and Cloud services.

To find out how we can help you, or to share an issue with us, just give us a call. If you missed out on our Christmas bonus, we’re sorry; we will get you on the list for next time.