When migrating from a traditional telephone system to Teams, one of the big advantages is the built in Soft Phone, which for 90% of users with a suitable headset is going to be absolutely fine for day to day work.

There are other roles which require a higher level of functionality such as operator or switchboard roles.  One of the main challenges is within the queueing of calls – something which your old AC Win consoles were excellent for.

While a number of our public sector customers have transferred this service into the Customer Contact Centre, using one of the Teams enabled Contact Centres from CC4All, Anywhere365, 8×8, Nice or Enghouse there is still the requirement for a dedicated call handler within some businesses.

Within Teams itself there is an included Voice Recognition Engine – this can be used at the front end to route calls to an individual or Team simply by the caller saying the name that they are looking for.

For a more personalised answering service then there are a number of dedicate Teams switchboard consoles available from the likes of Luware and CC4All – these allow all the traditional features of a Reception Console with the added functionality of Teams integration – so easy remote working, Active Directory integration and presence.

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