Teams Analytics


One of the key services we’ve seen providing a massive ROI for our customers is Analytics.

Within Teams there is a wealth of information, however if you aren’t a PowerBI whizzkid this can be difficult to access and manage.  By working with our partners we have been able to provide a managed service to allow you to understand how Voice is working within Teams.

This shows not only individual user stats but also how queues and departments are handling calls and interactions.

In addition there is a host of additional information showing you how services are being used, the areas of the business having the greatest success, identification of unauthorised equipment and even call and conference quality.

We have even been able to help identify the correct Microsoft licencing requirements, allowing you to control and reduce costs significantly.

In addition we can also provide a report on the usage of Teams now, expected requirements in the future, and what will happen as we start to return to a more “normal” way of working.

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