MS Teams – Now I can take my dog for a walk! (and my chins)

Like most of us I’m working from home – a situation that if we’d looked at 18 months ago would have been difficult to imagine or set out.  In the office we were still using an old Meridian Nortel system, which meant getting calls away from the office was difficult and cumbersome.


Now with Teams I’m able to work either on the go, in the office or in my home office, and I can use a variety of tools – mobile, softphone and even my old Meridian handset back in the office – whichever appeals more on any particular day!


We’ve also found that we speak more as a company, with a call every day to check in, make sure people are keeping well and don’t have any issues and also to deal with those challenges that pop up every now and again – with chat, video call and screen share essential to bringing customers and partners together into a virtual room.


All of this means that I don’t have an excuse to stop walking the dog when the weathers like this!

Mike Gooch – Specialist Account Manger