Help Cambridge Consulting Network!

Complete a 7-minute survey and help Westberks Foodbank along the way!

Cambridge Consulting Network (CCN) in association with LSE and UCL students and in Partnership with Beckett Voice and Data, have commissioned a study on Microsoft Teams and its real-life impact on productivity.

The goal is to understand real-life gains and cost savings found by using MS Teams for online meetings in the workplace.

Completed Surveys deliver valuable unbiased insight into how MS Teams is being used by real people, day by day, in their real jobs.

We know that you are busy and that your time is precious and so this survey should take no longer than 7 minutes to complete.

IMPORTANT: We do not collect individual user data for any associated marketing.

As a token of thanks and in recognition of your time spent, Beckett Telecom will donate a delicious ‘Pudding Pack’ consisting of Sponge Pudding, Rice Pudding, Tinned Fruit and Custard to our local Foodbank for every completed survey form.

Your completed Survey helps us and really helps make a day better for a family in need


Click Here – Microsoft Teams Survey