Mike shares some insights on providing the best communication tools for todays “Agile” working environments.

At BECKETT VOICE & DATA, we  are finding that a lot of companies are finding quite a challenge around the “hybrid” working environment with the slow migration back to offices, and split working profiles.

One of the big challenges has been getting voice calls out to the right users – this has been achieved in some cases by putting call forwards to users personal mobiles, but this has had a detrimental effect on costs, functionality and even presents some compliance issues.

We have also seen companies stopping to take incoming phone calls –

going back to the 80’s with an operator taking calls and passing notes via IM to internal users to call back on company mobiles.

The solution is to be able to link together the various parts of your legacy telephony solutions, to allow you to pick and choose, both users to use particular skills, but also freeing up staff to decide what to use themselves, according to their location and job role.



As an example, your Contact Centre teams may be moving back to a socially distanced office to provide services on a Cisco Contact Centre, your Accounts Teams are debt chasing from a different office 2 days a week with an old Siemens system and from home 3 days a week and your sales team are out and about using their mobiles.  If you were able to take all these different systems into a single number range,  using the same technology, but overlaying new services such as Teams and Zoom, you’d be able to give your staff the agility to choose the device and service to use depending on location and job role for the day.

We’ve worked with Councils, private companies and Hospitals to allow them to do this, integrating Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Unify/ATOS/Siemens, Skype, Teams and Zoom into a single managed service which allows your users to decide how they can work most effectively, with plans for the short, medium and long term.

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