When is Enough, Enough?

One of the main reasons for moving to a Per User Per Month Direct Routing or A Calling Plan

-is to ensure that you always have the ability to make and receive calls.

With your Traditional ISDN lines, you would share capacity across multiple users, and this worked because not everyone is on the phone together.
With Teams this has been impossible to do – until now!

With Becketts Teams Enabled SIP Trunks, you are able to provide this sharing of lines, reducing costs considerably

– typically by around 70-80% when compared to Microsoft Calling Plans.

With Teams, only calls to non-Teams users are external calls that require a line, and by using the in-built Teams App on mobiles, there is no need to call forward to
your mobile. We are finding that for some users it is possible to share lines between 20 to 25 users.
And to ensure that you can always make and receive calls, we monitor your Teams Enabled SIP Trunks and if you get close to using all your lines, we’ll simply

add more capacity for you – at no additional cost to you.

We believe we’re unique in offering this to the MS Teams market.

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