Point to Point

Benefitting From Point to Point Links

One of the fastest growing areas of our business is the provision of Point to Point (P2P) links. Recently there has been a significant drop in the cost of connecting sites meaning that there has never been a better time to install a dedicated link.

A point to point circuit offers you the highest level of security, with a dedicated fibre optic cable carrying only your data. It is in its nature, more secure than a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which uses internet routers to forward any data, increasing the risk of information being intercepted.

With our considerable experience we can not only provide a cost effective and simple managed end to end solution, we can also ensure its implemented in the quickest of time scales, often weeks faster than our competitors.

Managing the provision of P2P circuits can be a complicated and time consuming process for the unwary. With great geographical knowledge of which network providers are most prominent within each area, we’ll be able to get the best product and prices for your business connection. We have a number of price and duration plans for our customers to choose from, so it’s likely we will have something to suit you.

To find out how much your P2P network would cost, call us on 0118 940 9000