Legacy Maintenance and Teams for Cranfield University


Cranfield University currently have a Unify OpenScape Voice platform which is currently providing services for 2,000 members of faculty.  To provide the services that faculty and students require in these times there is a requirement for the University to benefit from Teams and OpenScape Voice integration.

Having worked with Becketts for a number of years Cranfield decided that Becketts would provide the best solution for integration of their various services.

This includes:

  • 24/7/365 Maintenance Support with dedicated account management
  • Software Support and Protection including manufacturer support
  • Teams integration and migratory plan
  • Retention of existing SIP trunks and numbering

By working in partnership Becketts and Cranfield have been able to tailor a solution which allows the University to deftly shift to a more mobile way of working while ensuring on-site resiliency and enhanced cost savings.

Chris Davis – Integration Specialist