Do you know how good your Battery Backup is?

If the answer is no you’re not alone.

Almost all older, larger telephone systems (PABX’s) are DC powered*. They were set up in this way to provide extremely consistent power to the system. DC power is more stable than AC (thanks GCSE Physics), and stability equals reliability; in this case 5 nines reliability for many years. It’s so good that they have in many cases it’s been forgotten about.

In a survey of our maintenance customers, most said that although they were confident that they had battery backup most had no idea of how it would hold up in the event of a power cut:

Most knew it was an area of concern and had parked it in the ‘to be investigated’ pile.

Some were reticent to find out in case the batteries failed.

Others knew that until it caused a failure it would not be considered a serious concern because the existing technology was due to be changed.

One had concluded that because the site had a generator that battery backup was no longer a requirement.

Our response….. Really? No!

We know that paying for something which doesn’t go wrong is painful, particularly where a change might be coming down the line. We also know that 4.7 or even 12 hours battery up back up seems crazy with a stable main power supply and if you have a whopping generator in the carpark.

Here’s the conclusion of our informal survey:

Customers want to know that they have some reliable battery backup and that it’s been tested reasonably recently. There is a large variation in need when calculating how much backup time the battery provides, but being confident that is will work is critical.

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DC is provided through batteries to create a stable total of 48V, so that should there be a power cut, the power is provided without requiring any clicking, switching or intervention manual or automatic from batteries already charged. This is a fantastic method as power transition is so smooth. The problem is that if there is a duff cell or worse a split or damaged cell or the batteries can no longer hold a charge, the system will simply shut down. before a generator can kick in. It might only be 10 minutes but that could be all it takes. When a system has its power instantly killed power supplies and rectifiers blow when it’s shocked back to life