Customer Charter- customers

It works both ways

Customers are great. We love them. Most of the time.

At Beckett, we want to have an excellent relationship with our customers, but like every relationship, that means that both parties have to do their bit to keep the relationship ticking over nicely. In our Customer Charter, we are quite explicit about what we expect of ourselves, but we’re also pretty clear about what we expect from our customers.

There’s nothing very surprising in that, but it is perhaps worth emphasising that, although we are great at what we do, we can’t do it all without some input from our customers. So, communication is a key part of our relationship, and one of the main things we expect.

That means we want you to tell us what you want (and what you already have) without leaving any surprises. We want you to keep us updated about anything relevant that may affect our work and what we are doing for you, and of course, we want you to tell us if you think there is anything we could be doing better.

And we also expect that you will answer our questions promptly, whether that’s from a phone call, an email, a text, a letter (or a quick shout from our engineer at the top of an access platform). Immediate answers aren’t always possible, of course, and sometimes the appropriate response to our question/communication is for some of your people to complete a piece of work that lets us do the next thing that we have to do. So, completing any items on your action plan to the agreed schedule is something we have to expect of our customers. That might include paying our invoices according to the terms agreed, (something that is guaranteed to keep us happy), but it can also mean clearing a space for us to work in, or making sure we have access to buildings when we need it.

That way, with the right input from you, we are confident that we can deliver the service that you expect. Meaning, we hope, that you will come to love us, as much as we love you!