New Teams Features

As more than 270 million people use Teams for Collaboration each day, adding additional voice features has become an important part of the roadmap.

As well as the existing features such as hunt groups, voicemail, one touch pick up and answer, there are a host of new releases in the past few months.

Some of the more important ones include:


  • Pick Up Groups – Allows users to pick up other users phones, when they are “ringing”.
  • Attended Transfer – Allows a user to place a call on hold, call another number or user and have a conversation with the other party to announce the caller coming through
  • Parked Calls – Allows incoming multiple incoming calls to be placed on hold by any user for another user to pick up simply by inputting a 3digit code.


These significantly add additional functionality into the basic Teams Phone System, allowing you to work with advanced features that were expensive add-ons for traditional systems.

To make Teams Voice work correctly, you will need to connect to the National and International Telephone Network.

Becketts Teams Enabled SIP Trunks allow you to do this quickly, easily and INCREDIBLY cost effectively…. All with 5 nines reliability!

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