disaster recovery

The national past-time of discussing the weather has had plenty of material with the milder conditions we had experienced so far this year. So much so that some of our suppliers and customers are bragging about their ability to survive without a coat.

However the turn in the weather at the tail-end of the week particularly in the Western side of the country has brought into sharp focus the need to have a reliable and procedures for your voice and data systems. Disaster Recovery is a coverall term that has been much used to mean anything from a few spare phones on a desk to a total mirrored office infrastructure with like for like technology. Most of these share the same weakness; they rely on a predefined geographical location.

With SIP, no matter what is happening in your building, your customers, students or patients can still get through to you.

Whilst traditional phone numbers are always tied to a specific location, SIP lines are managed in the cloud so that if you were to lose power in your building, your numbers could still work. A divert placed on inbound numbers could use mobiles, another site or even to someone’s home number if necessary. This could all be set up in advance, ready to be activated, so any unexpected disaster need not spell a communications catastrophe.

We can integrate this type of solution with ANY physical phone system, regardless of its age.

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