Part 1

Written By Sammi Jane Masson


Welcome to the first series of the ‘Developing Digital Diva’, where you will follow along with me, the newly appointed Account Manager, as I learn the ropes.

What is Becketts and what can I teach you?

Well, three weeks in I am certainly no professional and the to use “teach” is presumptuous. Some of you reading this will be Industry professionals, some will have some experience but other will be just like me, totally winging it.

My hope is that the process of sharing my learning experience will be useful, relevant and if the last three weeks are a guide, highly entertaining. When starting in a new industry, I can positively say that there is a lot of information, and for the uninitiated, open to wild mis-interpretation.  I’ve also learned that often some of the technology is not quite as seamless or put together as it first appears. From a customer perspective, sifting through this information whilst juggling your own workload is a total minefield and definitely requires some specialist guidance if only to avoid information overload.


Here are examples of Information Overload I have found that can kill any project:

  • Multiple Sources – The problem with information coming from multiple sources is that it can be overwhelming. This can cause confusion, stress and make it very difficult for employees to focus on tasks set.


  • Too Many Sources – Information overload, it is exactly that. Making it challenging to be able to filter through and process the information they are exposed too.


  • Lack of Time to understand Information – Keeping an ear to the ground to keep up with trends, process changes or digital evolution the list is endless really, nevertheless this is draining and can be time consuming or you may not have enough time to process the information before a decision has to be made.


  • Difficulty Processing Information – This could be for multiple reasons, lack of alignment with conversations, misinformation or cognitive functions whatever it may be this can be frustrating.


  • Quality of Information – Poor quality information or misinformation and a potential lack of clarity can be a pain. Essentially as an employee or as a customer as this makes for a very tricky process and ruins the experience.


I want to make sure we avoid this in our blogs, my mission is to provide information in a manner that is clear and concise that can actually be used.

Join us on this journey, if you aren’t following our blog currently, sign up for updates, which we will upload at the beginning of each month. Now is the time because we are just getting started.