Earlier this year we sent out an email letting people know that support of Microsoft XP on the ACWIN was coming to an end this summer. We wanted to remind you of the options available to you from Beckett Telecom.

If you are a Unify customer, there is a sizeable chance that you are a user of their celebrated screen based operating console, ACWIN. Regardless of whether you are a Siemens/Realitis/ISDX or HiPath 4000 customer, unless you have already upgraded, it is likely that your ACWIN solution is running on an XP machine.

Support for Microsoft XP ended in July of this year* and upgrading your system to Windows 7 can seem quite an expensive task. However at Beckett Telecom we have some processes which can make this activity much more cost effective.

We are experts in the Unify portfolio and we have concluded the following three options:

  1. Upgrade ACWIN to a version that will run on Windows 7. This will allow the operator console to connect to the IT network, create the possibility for multiple applications to run on the same operator console PC and for the restoration of security updates from Microsoft.
  2. Upgrade the operating console to a solution which is manufacturer agnostic. There are a number of applications available which will work with any telephone system, are highly intuitive and reliable and are therefore future proofed against any telephony platform change in the near future; ensuring investment is safe guarded.
  3. Do nothing. With a Beckett Telecom maintenance contract we are able to continue to provide support for consoles on an XP operating system, using the experience we have gained in the 10 years that the XP version of ACWIN has been available. It does have limitations, but the service is available.

Call one of our expert account managers now to discuss your options on 0118 940 9000



*Microsoft has ended the support of Windows XP. This means that you will no longer receive automatic updates and technical support if you are running this platform. Without the latest security updates, your PC will become more vulnerable to viruses, even with Microsoft Security Essentials installed. You will be able to carry on using XP, however if you are connected to the internet, you may find that some applications no longer work as manufacturers will be optimizing their software to the latest Microsoft updates.